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iStock_000016828815SmallManage more than documents – capture, organize and access all of your content, whether unstructured, documents, or multimedia. Quickly and easily find the information you need with advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology that reads all documents, not just what gets keyed in.

With ImageDirector Content Management System, your company has a consistent stream of accurate, real-time information, can securely collaborate and operate with maximum efficiency from anywhere.

ImageDirector fully integrates with your existing business applications, making it easier than ever to locate information, save documents and organize relevant files without leaving the applications you’re used to. 

ImageDirector Features

Greater Access to Your Data. Conveniently access data from anywhere with a connection. Ensure staff has the right information at the right time to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Superior Content Organization. Put an end to lost and misfiled documents. ImageDirector lets you create custom fields for incoming documents, so you can organize content by the criteria you determine. Through our integration with existing applications, you can add new data fields and more accurately organize content from within the application. You can even organize unstructured content with ease, creating metadata fields that optimize your ability to locate and retrieve anything you need.

Fully Integrated With Existing Applications. By integrating with existing applications, ImageDirector provides application-level document storage and retrieval that supports most file types. The integration enables robust capabilities to capture content, archive files, search for information from within existing business applications. By merging content, data and processes, you get a smoother flow of information, effortlessly.

Sophisticated Search and Retrieval Functionality. ImageDirector’s advanced search capabilities leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to enable full text searches with the user-friendliness of a web search engine. Search results can be filtered and organized, marked and downloaded or archived. You can easily locate multimedia and unstructured content, making all of your data easy to retrieve and utilize.

Capture Content from Anywhere. True document management is as efficient as its capture options. With ImageDirector Capture, you can capture all forms of content from nearly anywhere, using mobile capture, browser-based capture or desktop options. Click here for more information about our capture products.

Highest Level of Security. With field-level encryption, encrypted storage and backup, your content is protected and secure, meeting federal information security requirements. Group and control access based on document type or system function (IE not everyone can print or alter documents). Hide confidential data. Information never accessible to unauthorized persons.

Track Document Access. Easily pull reports on all document actions, including printing, access and modification. Easily locate misplaced documents, re-route and audit the chain of custody for compliance issues.

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