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ImageDirector Capture 

Capture Content Quickly and Accurately 

captureWith the increasing mobility of the workforce and globalization of business, it is essential for organizations to be able to quickly manage large quantities of information and have the flexibility to capture information from almost anywhere, efficiently and easily.

Milner’s Technologies solutions document management systems leverage the latest technology and processes for capturing unstructured content in any form. With applications such as mobile capture, web-based capture. your organization has the power to easily scan, intelligently index and organize your data for easy access.

ImageDirector Capture Suite

Mobile Capture
Leverage mobile technology to advance business objectives. Mobile capture instantly captures information and unstructured documents using any mobile device and intelligently indexes and routes the information into the content management system or workflow.

 With mobile capture, field workers can capture documents and data without transporting paper files, and remote workers can seamlessly transmit information as though they were onsite. Your business can get a jumpstart on its core functions before you even make it back to the office.

Print to Archive
Documents can be moved from electronic locations, such as website downloads, computer files and email attachments, directly to archive, without printing or scanning. The print to Archive feature functions similar to printing a document, except the file is captured for filing in your content archives – simplified capture from emails, desktop documents, and more.

Electronic Content Capture
Capture digital information from within your core applications and save directly to your image repository. Digital multimedia, documents, PDF files, emails, and forms can easily be captured and archived with simple-to-use tools. 

Capture Features

Intuitive software interfaces. Capture, classify, index and archive documents seamlessly using software you are already familiar with.

Secure file transfer. Transfer files from anywhere, forward captured documents to a centralized document repository. With encryption at the capture point and throughout transmission, your documents are secure and compliant at all times.

Capture scattered information. Take control of loose documents, scattered files and electronic information stored in business applications in a single central archive.

End the bottleneck. The time of inefficient, human-reliant paper processing is over. No more waiting for data entry and data validation to get the content you need.

Automated indexing and filing. ImageDirector Capture leverages advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to identify critical data from your documents and route them to their destination, all without manual input.

Deep-level integration with multiple applications. Our software integrates with a variety of applications, from proprietary software to industry-specific programs to help you maximize your technological advantage. 

Create multiple capture points. Convert MFPs, Faxes, web browsers and mobile devices into data capture points and leverage the same functionality as your core capture software.

Take control of your scattered information. Contact us for more information about how we can help you create a solution that works for your organization.